How to heal a cavity

So I’m sure we’ve all been here at one point in time: dealing with cavity, and or tooth sensitivity. Not only can it be extremely annoying but also extremely painful. Most dentists will not tell you to improve your oral health with food and supplements.They are mainly interested in drill, fill qnd billing folks. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dentists, they are awesome and they help restore smiles and get people out of pain. I do however, think more educating on overall nutrition can be beneficial for ensuring healthy teeth! Below I’ve listed a few things you can do to help reduce the pain, and heal your cavities.

Step 1 :Remove sugar ( in all forms! Even honey! ), simple carbs and some legumes (phytic acid harms enamel in teeth–beans or other legumes/oats can be soaked overnight to remove the acid)

Step 2: Sip Bone broth and you can make your own using chicken bones or fish head which I like using. I’ll usually add spices to it and let it boil and sit for a few minutes before eating…it doesn’t taste good but I can get past the taste if it’ll benefit my oral health and my health in general.

Step 3 : Add whole foods into your diet such as : leafy greens, pastured raised eggs, raw dairy or grass fed organic dairy, kefir, grass fed beef, broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes. These foods have an abundance of minerals, and vitamins that will strengthen and heal the teeth.

Step 4 : Oil pulling using coconut oil or sesame seed oil. Virgin coconut oil is known for its antimicrobial properties and swishing it around your mouth for about 10-20 mins helps pull toxins out of the mouth. I personally like to use coconut oil mixed with some oregano oil. Make sure you spit it out in the trash so as not to clog your pipes!

Step 5: Use a toothpaste with probiotics and or one with Hydroxyapatite (Nano) and brush twice daily. Taking oral probiotics wouldn’t hurt either as they improve your oral microbiome, which are organisms that reside in the oral cavity. It’s the second largest microbial community in the human body after the gut, so I’d say its pretty important to keep it as healthy as possible!

Another helpful tip would be to add in vitamins and supplements such as calcium, vitamins A,D3 and K. Also green tea is very good for the teeth it could help to swap your morning coffee for a green tea no sugar added or if you can’t live without coffee add a grass fed creamer, organic valley makes a good one that I love using.

That concludes this post! Remember to always take good care of every aspect of your health…as the years go by you will be grateful that you did!


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