How to simplify your life

Let me just say, this post isn’t about me trying to force anyone into simplifying their lives, but I’m very inspired by the whole minimalism movement and organizing. Maybe some of you want to simplify the way you live too or maybe just organize your life. I find it easier to have less. When I moved last year, everything fit in my car which was a normal sized sedan. Before I moved I returned a lot of the wall decor I had which I either got cash for or store credit–which I gave out to someone who needed it. Somethings are just not necessary to buy and sometimes decor can be one of those things.

Simplifying your lifestyle is definitely a big part of wellness. Think about it, you come home from work after a rough day only to open your bedroom door and see a pile of clothes everywhere and dirty laundry strewn all over the place. How would you feel? For me I’d feel just as stressed as I did at work. Its so important to cultivate a comfortable and organized home, especially your bedroom where you sleep.

  • Throw out junk mail/ unimportant mail – Here is a compilation of websites you can contact to tell them to stop sending junk mail to your home. It would also be a great idea to invest in a paper shredder that way you can keep track of what you need to get rid of.
  • Put a ‘no junk mail’ sign by your mailbox. Save the trees!
  • Don’t grab a receipt unless its something you may need to return- receipts tend to accumulate and never get thrown out…more junk to clean out!

*Did you know? Receipt paper contains a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA)- which causes high blood pressure, and is a hormone disrupter.

  • Put important documents on a USB drive or simply organize them in folders/files and keep them in a place you know you will be able to find them.
      Clothing/ shoes and other items
  • Buy less bins/containers designed to help ‘organize’ your stuff this just allows for more stuff to be put into the containers–and if they’re stuffed in containers, chances are you aren’t using them.
  • Give out clothes that you haven’t worn in years. If its in the back of your closet or thrown carelessly somewhere, then you don’t need it and its likely you haven’t worn it in a while.
  • Quality over quantity.  I’d rather spend a good amount on well made items than make multiple trips to buy the same things over and over.
  • Buy groceries on a weekly basis, you can get it delivered from Walmart or amazon. In the NYC/CT area, a service called misfits delivers organic produce right to your door…this helps cut down on waste, and simplifies your life in the process…less waste less time spending on throwing it out and less money wasted. Make what you have and what you will actually eat.
  • Create a meal plan which will cut down on waste. If you buy food in large amounts and don’t have any idea what you will make, most likely the food won’t get cooked at all…money (literally) in the garbage!
  • Organize your fridge and keep items that have a later expiration date on the fridge door(shelves) and keep the fresh/perishable items at eye level so you can see whats in your fridge and what you need to consume before it gets rotten.
Kitchen & Bathroom
  •  Two areas that are known to just have too much stuff…by using products that are multi use. For example Alaffia makes African black soap that can be used as a body & face wash, shampoo, and for shaving, etc.
  • Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap is also another product that has 18 different uses,18!! A minimalists dream. *It’s uses: dish soap, toilet cleaner, shampoo, shaving, and body wash.
  • For the kitchen, appliances like blenders that assist in the process of  baking, cooking and snack items like dips, milling nuts into flour, blending smoothies etc . I use the Ninja Chef blender (saves money and time, it can also be used for SO many different things) or Insta pot which cooks different foods in various ways and  all  in one container.
  • Iron skillets cooks many different kinds of meals–and can be used to bake.With a skillet, you won’t have to buy as many pots and pans. Less appliances = less clean up time, less water usage etc, less clutter on the counter.

What are some methods you use to simplify  in your life?

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  1. Ejemhen

    Wow! This was a very informative and beautiful read Lex! Very well written. I did not know receipt paper contains the chemical (BPA)! I learned something new today! I like the idea you gave about putting important documents in a USB drive! Splendid! I also learned that iron skillets can be used for baking! Sweet! Thank you so much for these perfect life hacks and teaching me new things today. I highly enjoyed this blog and I enjoy your writing style. I look forward to reading many more posts from you. Keep up the great work Lex! 🙂


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