Top 5 things I learned in 2018

Note * let me just say, some of these things I knew, but I really really understood them a lot  more because of what I saw and experienced!

1. Everyone is NOT  your friend!

Some people are more like acquaintances or people you hang out with or co workers. The word friend is thrown around so easily. I had to learn the hard way this year that a lot of people I call friends don’t see me the same way and I’m grateful that it all happened the way it did! I would rather find out now that someone isn’t my friend then drag them along 20 more years only to find out they weren’t in the first place. *shrug*. If someone isn’t actively engaging with you then you need to disengage also. Relationships of all kinds thrive on reciprocity.

2. Mental health/ Emotional health is important.

Protect it at all costs! If that means keeping a good distance from people and or places that you know trigger a negative emotional response for you, then stay away for as long as you need to. You owe explanations to no one.

3.  Privacy still matters.

“Its important to realize that our lives matter. Our real lives–not the false images we might project for others to see “~ John F Westfall from his book Getting Past what You’ll never get over

You don’t have to live life on social media. I personally don’t it because  I just don’t find it appealing to have everyone know what city I just moved to, what graduate program I’m in, or If I’m dating someone or not. Maybe, just maybe people wouldn’t be all defensive all the time if they just kept some aspects of their life to themselves. People want to be reality Youtube stars these days, and its proving to cause a lot of unhealthy behaviors to the point where people will stage and fluff up  certain life events just to put it on social media. Y’all can have that.  I can’t afford to seek validation from complete strangers to feel like I’m successful or I’ve made it in life. My validation comes from Christ alone–check out Galatians 1:10.

4.   Be quiet sometimes & just observe.

You don’t have to join in on idle conversations or gossip– both of which the Bible clearly detests, 1 Timothy 5:13  & Matthew 12:36  . You can simply just sit there and be quiet and observe. Listen to where the conversation is going. If they are telling other people’s business guess who is next?! Sometimes people don’t sit and observe ( or have discernment –something I’m praying for even more of and something every believer should have)the people around them and then they get caught up with people who they never should have been friends with or in romantic relationship with in the first place!

5. Seeking advice from others can cause issues

Now, I’m not saying don’t ever seek advice from others–Godly counsel is good. What I’m saying is I learned not to go around asking people what they think I should do about something because  I got multiple answers! Some people will even come to you and say ” God told them this or that”, however, you have to pray for yourself and find out.  It’s important to have total peace about decisions you make. I wish I knew not to allow anyone to rush me into anything  back in 2017/early portion of 2018. Mistakes are made into lessons! We learn from and gain wisdom from them.

I’m done with my speech! LOL Thanks for stopping by! I wish you a happy and prosperous 2019.

What are somethings you  have or  wished you learned this year?

1 thought on “Top 5 things I learned in 2018

  1. nWealth

    Well, I already knew these things however my experiences brought them to my consciousness again

    1. No one owes you anything.
    2. Know the word of God for you self.
    3. Information, opportunity and connection.
    If you can make these three work for you, you are sorted
    4. While waiting for the opportunity, build capacity.
    5. Words are powerful. Speak only the right things.


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