6 foods to eat for glowy skin

In college, I did about a two week vitamin rich diet consisting of greens and lots of beta carotene (mangoes, carrots and sweet potatoes specifically). My skin was like BUTTER. I didn’t need to use products to make my skin soft, it became that way based on my diet. You truly are what you eat. When you eat living, fresh foods you reflect exactly what you are eating. Here are the main things to eat if you want gorgeous glowing skin:

1. Greens

Spinach,kale,chard & collard ( plus a lot more–and yes I know broccoli is considered a green lol! ) I personally can attest to the goodness of greens. Soft skin isn’t the only perk, you become regular when you add greens to your diet. Greens are FULL of vitamins A + C+K

These are the main things to eat for glowy skin. I like to make the  green glowing smoothie (GGS) which is Kimberly Snyder’s recipe you can find that here.

I also like to incorporate salads with the spinach and also organic mixed greens. I usually try to make sure all my greens are organic. Cucumbers ( rich in silica- which I like to call the beauty mineral) and cherry tomatoes (lycopene and chock full of vitamins A +B-6/9+C+K)

2. Sweet Potato

This root veggie is full of  beta carotene ( this is why it has the rich orange color) and vitamins A+ C + E which protect skin from free radicals and aid in cell turnover, which means fresher younger looking skin!

*  Side note, carrots also help with repairing the  skin- they also contain vitamins A and beta carotene–roasted them, juice them or add them to a smoothie!

How I like to prepare them: Breakfast hash with kale and onions or steamed/roasted.


Packed with Vitamins A + C as well as anathocynanin, a powerful antioxidant  which gives blueberries its deep gorgeous blue color. Vitamin C is so important for collagen which helps the skin retain its elasticity.

How I like to include them in my diet :  In a smoothie, as a snack, or as an oatmeal  topping

4. Broccoli-

This cruciferous vegetable is a complete super food packed with:

Vitamin C ( Remember –collagen!) + K




How I like to  prepare them: I like to do a broccoli saute with bell peppers, olive oil, salt, pepper and or onion powder/ garlic powder. I also eat them steamed with nothing on them.

5. Avocado

Avocados are AMAZING.  They contain :Vitamins A +B+ C+ E+K. The fatty acids in addition to the potassium and lecithin keep the skin nourished and glowing.

How I like to eat them: with breakfast (if I’m having eggs), in a salad/ sandwich, as a dip, or with a carb ( for example white rice)- helps with digestion when eating white rice.

6. Wild Caught Salmon –

Salmon literally hydrates the skin from the inside out, resulting in soft and supple skin. I would eat this about 3 times a week and saw great results!

One of the best sources of long chain Omega 3 fatty acids EPA + DHA

Contains astaxanthin which is an antioxidant that gives the fish its red color

( * Also a great source of protein which is essential for great hair and muscle growth)

How I like to prepare it: Seasoned (generously lol) and baked on high heat (400 degrees or more), I also like mixing it in a salad just for variety.

And there you have it! 6 foods to eat if you want your skin to glow! Feel free to comment on what works for you to keep your skin clear and glowing!

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